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Answer the Call

I have, dear ones, spoken of these things to you many times during our relationship. It is now

the time to re-emphasize My call to each of you, but now with the increased understanding

of who you are in Me. Your spirits and souls are more surrendered to Me. You are empowered

with an anointing and impartation of My spirit that you have not known in previous years. I am

announcing these things to you now because you are not fully aware of them in your consciousness,

but deep within your spirits and souls you sense something new. This new thing is what

I will unveil, and to those I have given to you. My glory is upon you, and in you, in a way you

have not known. It is My time, My appointed time, for you to step

out, revealing My presence in you to those in great need, especially

those already in ministry who are wounded; casualties of war. They

need rehabilitation, and I’m calling you into active duty to tend their wounds and help them to

regain their spiritual direction. Do you accept My commission for you? I am calling! Step up!

and I will send you out! Amen.

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