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Sons of God Symphony

Wafting melodies of kingdom glory,

pouring, melting, golden flowing, with

peace in waves, unfolding story.

The King enters, His hosts attending,

both He and those enraptured by a new,

beyond all new, great myst’ry knowing.

Presence of the kingdom’s beauty,

not seen, but sensed in myriads of

thoughts afore not thought. Ah yes;

cleansing, purging, made pure white;

gone, the dark and lifeless Adamic sight.

Sons of God Symphony

Part I

Melodic gates of entry bid us go,

to place of sounds not heard by

nature’s ear—listen—shed a tear.

drink in, not just hear, melodies

of kingdom glory.

The song, each string echoes sounds

of David’s ancient story. Poured into

—hearts believing—souls receiving,

conceiving, preparing for the

kingdom’s birth, here on earth.

Prepare oh meek; lowly, slowly,

knowing, beyond our knowing. Ah,

see, hear; you sense the kingdom’s

golden flowing.

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