• Frank Vurraro

Be Comforted

My dear ones, I have allowed you to experience the emptiness of your lives without My presence,

or at least without your awareness of My presence. You see, I have been with you all this

time, even though you have not felt it. This is what many of My beloved ones feel, for they do

not understand the spiritual war that rages against them every second. Do not despair, for I have

not left you, but use this time to teach you much about the deep suffering of others. Continue

to trust in My love for you, which protects you against all the onslaughts of the enemy. Respond

to the Holy Spirit’s direction only, and not to the urging of others. Pray as I lead you, and know

that I will always lead you; even though at times will allow you to be distracted to teach you

deep and important truths about yourselves and others in My body. Know that I will always love

you, dear ones. I will never leave nor forsake you! Amen, and amen.


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