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God’s Newness

I speak to you now, beloved, about many things. Your hearts are right before Me. But

you dwell too much on your failings. Rejoice in your weaknesses, for in them I am

strong. You will be sent to places you have not known, both physical and spiritual.

I will show you and deliver you each from the gods of your own making, and then

you will be able to soar to great heights in the upper realms of My kingdom on earth.

I will bring many to you who are wounded deeply. By My spirit, you will nurse them

back to spiritual, emotional and physical health, and send them on to help other

wounded ones. You will do exploits in other places that you never dreamed of. I will

overcome your fears and send you out from your nests of comfort, but you will be

comforted in new ways. Longing will be a thing of the past for you. I will fill you up

as I send you forth. Prayer and fasting will become even more prevalent in your walk

with Me, for I will fill you with hidden manna. Walk forward as I lead you anew into

these, my glorious greater realms. Congratulations upon your newness! Amen.

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